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Layihənin adı: PAWER - Təhsildə regionlararası mobillik, keyfiyyət, uyğunluq və hər kəsə açıq sistemin qurulması (574099-EPP-1-2016-1-IT-EPPKA2-CBHE-SP) Erasmus+ KA2 layihəsi


Qrant qalibi / koordinator: Unıversıta Deglı Studı Dell'aquıla (İtalya)


Layihənin müddəti: 3 il (2016-2019)


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PAWER is an Erasmus+ Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education project with a very ambitious objective. Five European Universities would support the modernization, accessibility and internationalisation of 23 universities from 8 different countries in 4 different regions.

How? fostering the interregional integration and cooperation developing joint tools for the enhancement of international dimension of Higher Education systems and the compatibility between each regions and of these with Europe.

All the Ministries of Education of the 8 partner countries are partners of PAWER project.



To share the knowledge of the credit system used in each partner country,
To analyse the actual meaning of “credit” in each partner institution, and to develop common methodology for the definition of Learning Outcome and workload,
To share information on how the ECTS are applied and used in the partner countries that already adopted the system, or will be applied in those that are going to join EHEA,
To enhance the human resource capacity in planning, delivering, and evaluating degree courses,
To implement concrete pilot examples in some degree courses developed by the partners in the framework of previous joint projects,
To analyse the grade system in each country and in each partner institutions, and make a concrete comparison in the selected degree courses,
To collect data on credits recognition and grade transfer in the implemented and ongoing EMA2 and Credit Mobility projects in the 4 regions,
To provide a table with percentage of students’ performances in the last 3 years in at least 5 fields of study (ISCED) among the pilot courses,
To establish follow up actions in cooperation with EU universities by signing bilateral agreements in view of “Credit Mobility” programme calls and inter-institutional cooperation.