Baku Engineering University is one of the best higher education institutions functions under the Ministry of Education. Baku Engineering University was established on November 8, 2016, with the status of the Public Legal Entity on the base of one private university which it was established in 1993. 


Baku Engineering University prepares engineers on all levels of higher education, execute programmes of higher and additional education in this sphere, and conduct fundamental and applied science researchers. 


The establishment of the university aims to improve the teaching of engineering technologies and prepare highly-qualified personnel for the industry. According to the current level of development of the Azerbaijani economy, the university aims to prepare specialists with the ability to work with innovative technologies and organize production processes. 


Baku Engineering University operates in a big campus located in Khirdalan city/Azerbaijan. The new service building where all the classrooms are situated has a 10500 m2 indoor area. Total area of the campus is 20000 m2.


There are four faculties and they prepare specialties in 28 directions at Baku Engineering University: 


1) Engineering Faculty;
2) Architecture and Construction Faculty;
3) Economics and Administrative Faculty;
4) Pedagogy Faculty.


Engineering Faculty:


1.Computer Engineering (in Azerbaijan & English language);
2.Information Technologies (in Azerbaijan & English language);
3.Machine Engineering (in Azerbaijan & English language);
4.Process Automation Engineering (in Azerbaijan language);
5.Mechanical Engineering (in Azerbaijan & English language);
6.Industrial Engineering (in Azerbaijan & English language);
7.Chemical Engineering (in English language);
8.Ecological Engineering (in English language);
9.System Engineering (in Azerbaijan language);
10.Electroenergetics Engineering (in Azerbaijan language);
11.Electrical engineering (in Azerbaijan language);
12.Logistics and Transport Technologies Engineering (in Azerbaijan & Russian language).


Architecture and Construction Faculty:


1.Architecture (in Azerbaijan & English language);
2.Civil Engineering (in Azerbaijan & English language);
3.Design (in Azerbaijan & English language);
4.Systems and Devices Engineering (in Azerbaijan & English language);
5.Transport Construction Engineering (in Azerbaijan language);
6.Urban Planning (in Azerbaijan language).


Economics and Administrative Faculty:


1.Economy (in Azerbaijan & English language);
2.State and Municipal Administration (in Azerbaijan & English language);
3.Business Administration (in Azerbaijan & English language);
4.Accounting and audit (in Azerbaijan & English language);
5.Finance (in Azerbaijan & English language).

Pedagogy Faculty:


1.Mathematics and Informatics Teacher Education (in English language);

2.Mathematics Teacher Education (in English language);

3.Physics Teacher Education (in English language);

4.Chemistry Teacher Education (in English language);

5.Biology Teacher Education (in English language).




BEU provides MBA programs:


1.Management (in Azerbaijan language),
2.Human Resources Management (in Azerbaijan language),
3.Marketing (in Azerbaijan language),
4.Education Management (in Azerbaijan language),
5.Accounting and Auditing (in Azerbaijan language),
6.Finance (in English language),
7.Business Administration (in English language).


BEU provides Master (MSc) education in below directions:


PHILOLOGY (in Azerbaijan language):

-Azerbaijan Literature

-Azerbaijan language


INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS (in Azerbaijan language):

-International Relations and Diplomacy

-World Politics


WORLD ECONOMY (in Azerbaijan language):

-International Economic Relations


ACCOUNTING AND AUDITING (in Azerbaijan & English language):

-Economy and Management of manufacturing and service sectors


FINANCE (in Azerbaijan language):

-Finance Management


INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING (in Azerbaijan language):

-Economics and Management of Production and Service Industries


BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (in Azerbaijan language):

-Business Administration 


STATE AND MUNICIPAL MANAGEMENT (in Azerbaijan language):

-Management in state structures


MECHANICAL ENGINEERING (in English language):

-Machine and Mechanisms Theory



COMPUTER ENGINEERING (in Azerbaijan language):

-Computer Engineering



-Information Systems in Management


CIVIL ENGINEERING (in English language):

-Theory of devices

-Metal construction


CHEMICAL ENGINEERING (in English language):

-Chemistry and Technology of basic organic synthesis


ECOLOGICAL ENGINEERING (in English language):

-Environmental protection and rational use of natural resources




BEU provides PhD education in below directions:


1.Machines, equipment and processes
2.Theory of Mechanics and Mechanisms
3.Deformable solids mechanics
4.Dynamics, robustness of machines, devices and apparatus
5.Theoretical bases of heat engineering
7.Systematic analysis, management and information processing
8.Organization and management of enterprises
9.Field economy


There are 7 International Journals of Baku Engineering University (BEU):


1.Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
2.Chemistry and Biology
3.Mathematics and Computer Science
5.Philology and Pedagogy
6.Economics and Administration
7.Law, History and Politology

For more information about the journals of BEU please visit this link: http://journal.beu.edu.az