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Emerson Automation Solutions company held a workshop titled “Innovative Technologies and Solutions to Achieve Improved Business Results”.

6 February,2019, Vice-Rector for International Relations Assoc. Manafeddin Namazov was invited to Emerson Automation Solutions’ workshop on “ Innovative Technologies and Solutions to Achieve Improved Business Results”. The agenda of the seminar includes overview of Emerson wide products portfolio and capabilities, wireless, reliability and lloT solutions with live equipment demonstration. read more »

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As mentioned in our previous article, student of our university Rustam Safarli participated intrainings in China as one of the winners of "Seeds for the Future" project organized by Huawei.Rustam shared his impressions on the trip with the International Relations Department.When I went to China, I had standard Chinese expectations in my brain - all the cars on the eye,and most importantly, human traffic jams, densities, bad weather and naturally insects.expectations from this category. However, most of these expectations have flooded sinceBeijing's first step. The traffic jam was almost at the level, and the most interesting thing is thatthere are fewer people in the streets than in Baku. Security was absolutely flawless. It wasachieved through numerous artificial intelligent cameras and police patrols. But despite this,Beijing's air was as bad as we expected, and many of us had to go through a mask. Fortunately,we spent 5 days in Beijing. These days, read more »

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During the fall semester of the 2018/2019 academic year, students from Baku Engineering University, who had studied in Turkey within the Mevlana Exchange Program, shared their experiences and impressions with us. We present them to you:  I am Farhad Alquliyev, 3rd year student of Baku Engineering University and I'm studying for "Business Management". In the autumn semester of the 2018/2019 academic year, I studied at the Sakarya University of Turkey within the Mevlana program. I share with you my thoughts. It is a great chance to take part in the exchange, and I really understood more when I took part in the benefits. First of all, I want to note that the cultures of Azerbaijan and Turkey are close, so it is convenient to adapt to the new environment. The similarities in the education system make learning choices easier and more comfortable. There are plenty of benefits for exchange students. Getting acquainted with a new system, getting to know other cities in Turkey, and gettin read more »

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The cooperation between Baku Engineering University and "Vision" Academy

The Vice-rector of the International relations office held a meeting with the “Vision academy” onJanuary 25, 2019. The director of the academy Rovshan Bagirov gave detailed information aboutactivities and fields of the center. At the moment the academy signed a cooperation agreement with 50higher institutions abroad. During the meeting were discussed issues such as the of theUniversity Manafaddin Namazov, graduate education abroad, the involvement of foreign students in theuniversities of Azerbaijan, the choice of specialty in magistrates, internships for foreign students ,etc.During the meeting a presentation of the seminar on the support of students in the selection of specialtyat the next stage of education was also held at the Vision Academy’s Rovshan Bagirov. read more »

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Seminar by WLC on free education in Italy.

The Study Abroad Seminar was held by WORLD LANGUAGE CENTER at our university on the topic of studying in Italy.   The seminar, which took place on December 13, students were informed about free educational opportunities in Italy. During the seminar students got informed about the universities of Italy on Master and Ph.D. Degree programs, about the scholarships and how to apply to them, how is the application procedure, what are the requirements for it. Beside those, students also were informed about the living conditions, job opportunities in Italy. Visa procedures and so many other information were given to the students of Baku Engineering University.   At the end of the seminar, questions of students were answered on the topic of Education in Italy. read more »



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