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British Company Atkins was hosted by International Relations and Project Management Office of Baku Engineering University

Mr. James Todd, the chief geotechnical engineer of the British Atkins company, and Mrs. Ulkar Saferaliyeva, the UK embassy representative, were guests of the  Baku Engineering University "External Relations and Project Management" Office. During the meeting, Mrs. Sevil İmanova, head of Department of Foreign Affairs and Project Management of Baku Engineering University and Mr. Afar İbrahimov, an advisor of the same Department held a long conversation with the guests within the framework of cooperation.   At the meeting, the company internship opportunities to students and graduates, full and part-time jobs, company representatives to take the practical lesson at the university, university teachers training for company representatives, the company organizing the trip was to discuss ways to develop relations between the company and the university.   Later, the guests of the university, the material and technical base of the laboratories equipped read more »

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English Language Day

English Language Day On 11 May 2017, Baku Engineering University with its foreign students attended to the program called "English Day" held at Khirdalan city secondary school No.8. Roza Mammadova, the head of the Khirdalan city secondary school No.8 made a speech at the beginning of the program and thanked the administration of Baku Engineering University, particularly to the International Relations and Project Management Department of Baku Engineering University for their contribution in organizing this event.   Later, Mr.Afar İbrahimov, an advisor of International Relations and Project Management Department of Baku Engineering University informed the teachers and pupils about Baku Engineering University. Mr. Ibrahimov emphasized that we are happy to see such events and as a university, we are always ready to make necessary contribution. Then they contemplated the scenes prepared by the pupils in the English language.   read more »

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Japanese Professor was the guest of Baku Engineering University

   Director of External Relations and Project Management Office of the BMU-Sevil İmanova accepted the guest and gave information about the university's academic staff, technical base, departments and External Relations. Discussions were held especially on the establishing partnerships in the future between the Universities of Japan and Baku Engineering University. At the same time, inviting the Japanese academic staff to the Baku Engineering University in Engineering areas and the getting experience of the students in prestigious Japanese companies was discussed Pr. Masamu Kamada sincerely noted that acquaintance with the university made a great impression on him.M.Kamaga teaches Electrical and Electronics Engineering at one of the private universities in Indonesia, he also stated that it is important to establishing these departments at Baku Engineering University read more »

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ERASMUS +  Exchange Students - 2017

   Baku Engineering University's students studying at L'Aquila University in Italy  with the program of  Erasmus + returned to Azerbaycan    Student of World Economy - Samira Gasimova and students of Public Administration Samira Gasimova, Leyla Hasanova and Kamal Mirzayev participated to the program    Impressions of Kamal Mirzayev: I think it's a great experience for me and it's really a very memorable trail of studying with the Ersamus + program. The impressions in Italy are very unforgettable for me, and the main thing is that in parallel with my experience, I have been able to get closer acquaintance with the European education system in my education and my knowledge development. I think all the knowledge I gained during this period will have a great impact on my future academic career. read more »

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DAAD Scholarship Program

 A seminar on the DAAD Scholarship Program will be held at Baku Engineering University. Students who want to get information about Summer School and Master's Education in Germany can take part in the event The event will feature the following programs: DAAD Master's Scholarship(for last-year students) Summer School Scholarship(2,3 and 4th year students)   3 October 2017, at 10:00 a.m Baku Engineering University Building İİFB, Conference hall read more »



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