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Hacəttəpə Universitetinin professorları Bakı Mühəndislik Universitetində ezamiyyətdə

 13 May tarixində Hacəttəpə Universitetinin Türk dili və Ədəbiyyatı bölməsinin 2 müəllimi - Prof.Dr.Nesrin Bayraktar Erten və Prof.Dr.Şükrü Haluk Akalın Erasmus+ KA107 proqramı daxilində Bakı Mühəndislik Universitetinin qonağıdırlar. Müəllimlər Erasmus+ Proqramı çərçivəsində 13 – 26 May tarixləri arasında Bakı Mühəndislik Universitetində olacaqlar. Qonaqlar bu müddət ərzində universitetin Pedoqoji fakültəsində Xarici dil kafedrasında müxtəlif seminar və dərslərdə iştirak edəcəklər.  Belə ki, Prof.Dr.Şükrü Haluk Akalın 15 aprel 2001-ci ildən etibarən Türk Dil Birliyinin sədri və Çukurova Universiteti Türkoloji Araşdırma Mərkəzinin direktoru olmuşdur. Hazırda Hacettepe Universiteti Ədəbiyyat fakültəsi Türk Dili və Ədəbiyyatı bölümünün professorudur.Bakıda baş tutan bir sıra konfrans və seminarlarda iştirak edən Prof. Akalın həmçinin, 2016-c read more »

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BMU's teacher participated in the Academic Staff’s Exchange Program

 Baku Engineering University cooperates with various European and Turkish universities within ERASMUS + KA1 Exchange Program. One of them is Hacettepe University in Turkey. Note that, Hacettepe University has a wide range of contacts with the Foreign Language Department of Baku Engineering University and now 5 students of our university continue their education at Hacettepe University in the summer semester of 2017-2018. Associate Professor of Foreign Languages Department of Baku Engineering University Seyran Qayibov participated in "academic staff exchange program" for 13 days between 23.04-05.05.2018 within ERASMUS + KA1 program at Turkish Hacettepe University. Docent Seyran Qayibov shared his views on ERASMUS + KA1 Exchange Program:  "During this program, I had a profound exchange of views with the professor-teacher staff of the Turkish Language and Literature Department of the University of Hacettepe University, as well as students studying undergraduate, graduate read more »

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BMU’s teacher has received a scholarship in Germany through the DAAD program

 Nail Tahirov, a senior teacher at the Department of Industry Organizing and Management of the Baku Engineering University, will continue his PhD degree at Darmstadt Technical University through the DAAD program for the 2018 academic year. Nail teacher has received a Bachelor of Science (2004) and a Master's Degree (2009) from the University of the Caucasus (BMU) in Industrial Engineering speciality. Since 2009, He engaged in teaching in the field of Industrial Engineering and Business Management in the BMU, UNEC and Sabah groups in the field of education also works with consultant and professional training to optimize and improve the efficiency of enterprises. We share how he succeeded on this decisive journey from teacher’s himself:  "In my academic career, I have always been looking for a PhD degree in one of the developed countries. For this reason, since 2012, I have regularly applied to various universities. There are two factors to get Phd education specifical read more »

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Graduate student of Baku Engineering University is studying in Italy

 Aysel Yusubzadeh, a master student at Baku Engineering University, studied at the L'Aquila University in Italy in September-March within the Erasmus + Ka1 Program. Aysel shares his impressions with us: "First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the university I studied. You give us a chance and opportunity to get acquainted with many innovations at European universities. What I mean is the difference in the education system, as well as the European culture and life. Naturally, each of them consists of several innovations. For example, the education system means that lessons learned by a foreign language, foreign lecturers, the system is not over 00 rather than 30 points, realistic project work with groups during the session and semester, holding examinations three times a day, and so on.Yes it is difficult at first, but it creates a lot of positive emotions: you are free from complexes, you begin to use more foreign language, and you get new knowledge (programs, text read more »



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