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Second study abroad seminar was held at the University organized by WORLD LANGUAGE CENTER.

The 2nd International Education Seminar was held at WORLD LANGUAGE CENTER at our university.   In this seminar, which took place on November 8, students were informed about educational opportunities in Canada, New Zealand, Italy, Poland, Germany and many other universities in Turkey. During the seminar sutudents got informed about the universities of mentioned countries on Master and Doctorate Degree programs, about the scholarships and how to apply to them, how is the apilication procedure, what are the requirements for it. Beside those, students also were informed about the living conditions in the countries, visa procedures and so many other information was given to the students of Baku Engineering University.   At the end of the seminar, questions of students were answered on the topic of study in abroad. read more »

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A study abroad seminar was held at the University organized by WORLD LANGUAGE CENTER.

At the seminar that was held on November 2, Informations about education in abroad and advantages of studying in abroad was given to the students. At the same time, the seminar provided information about such topics as scholarship programs, visa procedures and living expenses of abroad. At the end of the seminar, questions of students were answered on the topic of studyin in abroad. read more »

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Details from Germany trip of BEU's students and teachers.

The teachers and students of the BMU shared their impressions with the International Relations Department during a visit to Germany within the DAAD Study Visit program. Head of Finance Department in Germany, Dr. Fuzuli Aliyev states that; On October 29, our students went to the Remagen campus at the University of Applied Koblenz in Germany. University Financial Researcher Nils Holzmann informed the students about the University of Coblenz, the University College and Library. Then, the students attended the "Study Abroad" seminar, and the Head of the Finance Department, Dr. Fuzuli Aliyev made a presentation about the Baku Engineering University and provided detailed information for foreign students. The student of Finance department, Elchin Allahverdiyev has given information about the advantages of higher education in Azerbaijan, as well as the living and transportation costs.Later, the students took part in the fiscal policy held by Ia Natsvlishvili. read more »

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Students and Teachers of BEU visiting Germany. To be continued...

A group of BMU teachers and students are currently in Germany within the framework of the DAAD Study Visit program. More than a week ago, the delegation shared their impressions with the International Relations Department. The head of the Finance Department in our university who is at the University of Marburg currently, Germany. Fuzuli Aliyev states that; "On the next day of our trip, our university students organized “Azerbaijan night” at Philipps University in Marburg. In the event University of Marburg’s professors and teachers, and many other foreign students participated. In the event many things such as history, culture, national dresses, national costumes, and national rhetoric of Azerbaijan were exhibited. During the event, the participants were asked questions about Azerbaijan, and various types of gifts were offered to them belong to the Azerbaijan. Participants have been delighted with the appetite and have shown great interest in our national costumes and read more »

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Some students of BEU is visiting Germany under the DAAD’s “Study Visit” program. To be continued...

Some students and teachers of BEU, got a chance for visiting several educational institutions, organizations and improving their knowledge and experiences in Germany, under the “Study Visit” program of DAAD.  On the trip that was intended to be between 21 October – 01 November, our students will participate in Finance lessons of Economic faculties of Marburg University and University of Koblenz. Our visitors will be presenting about Economic and Finance system of Azerbaijan to the German students and Professors.  At the moment, head of finance department of our university Dr. Fuzuli Aliyev that is in Marburg University; “On the first day of trip our students comprehensively got informed about Marburg University and listened to the seminar of Prof. Mohammad Farzanegan, which was about “Demography of Middle East Countries”. During the day our students visited the city and checked middle ages’ architecture, such as churches.” Dr. read more »



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