BEU student in Poland

BEU student in Poland
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Baku Engineering University cooperate with UTP Science and Technology University of Poland in the framework of Erasmus+ KA1. Here is the experience of a BEU Mechanical engineering student who also participated in the exchange:

 “Let me start with my idea of ​​going a foreign country by Erasmus+ Student Exchange Program. Honestly, I was not planning to go abroad until my graduation. Of course, like many other students, in my first years, I was willing to go abroad for my studies. However, my dream was postponed because none of my efforts were successful. Last year in September, in the Student Information System, I noticed that through Erasmus+ KA1 exchange program, I got an opportunity to have a semester of education at UTP University of Science and Technology in Poland. After thinking for a short time, I decided to apply, so I did. 

In general, application process and getting an approval letter from Erasmus+ KA1 exchange program was not that much difficult. The main issue was choosing the courses I would take there, and the Erasmus Coordinator and the Department of Mechanical Engineering at our university were truly supportive in this area. As soon as all necessary documents were ready, I have just waited for a few months. And after all, in January I have applied for the visa. Because I was a student and would return soon, my visa was easily issued, and I took my ticket and left for Poland on February 17th.

Everything started here, since this was my first trip abroad it was a bit difficult for me at the beginning. Unfortunately, in all this time, I have not encountered with a single Azerbaijani person, and this was the point most worried me. Here I am, faced with a totally different environment and culture and I am alone. But these difficulties passed in a short time, I got acquainted with foreign students, especially Turkish students. So, I didn't feel lonely anymore. In fact, the situation was getting more exciting, unless that unlucky period for an Erasmus student began, lockdown.

In Poland, as in other countries, isolation was pretty much strict. But it really helped me a lot, I spent most of my days in the dormitory, and during this situation I had a lot of time to do my homework and learn different subjects easily. I had no problems with classes, because Erasmus+ students had a lot of privileges, even due to it was quarantine regime, instructors were really considerate. Both the teacher and the dormitory staff treated the students very well. When there was a problem, they did everything they could to resolve it in time.

Now on, let me give you some information about my monetary issues. I did not have any problem relating to it, as well. As I was given a fair stipend by Erasmus+ program, about 3800 euros, this was quite sufficient amount for living comfortably for 4-5 months in a city like Bydgoszcz.  Once again, this was such an adequate scholarship, even I planned to visit some European countries. But unfortunately, I only had a chance to go to Germany.

During the program, our university took a great care of me and provided all kinds of assistance. So, I finished one semester and came back.

Finally, I would recommend students who want to go abroad with Erasmus, do it without any hesitation. Because, there is a lot to be earned rather than to be lost, both in terms of foreign experience and acknowledging different educational methods. It was a great experience for me. Good luck to everyone who wishes to go!


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