BMU’s teacher has received a scholarship in Germany through the DAAD program

BMU’s teacher has received a scholarship in Germany through the DAAD program
11 May 2018 23:51 | Visited: 398

 Nail Tahirov, a senior teacher at the Department of Industry Organizing and Management of the Baku Engineering University, will continue his PhD degree at Darmstadt Technical University through the DAAD program for the 2018 academic year. Nail teacher has received a Bachelor of Science (2004) and a Master's Degree (2009) from the University of the Caucasus (BMU) in Industrial Engineering speciality.

Since 2009, He engaged in teaching in the field of Industrial Engineering and Business Management in the BMU, UNEC and Sabah groups in the field of education also works with consultant and professional training to optimize and improve the efficiency of enterprises.

We share how he succeeded on this decisive journey from teacher’s himself:

 "In my academic career, I have always been looking for a PhD degree in one of the developed countries. For this reason, since 2012, I have regularly applied to various universities. There are two factors to get Phd education specifically for study abroad. 1. Reception from the University 2. Provided with Full scholarships. During the time I talked about, I had to face different situations. I would get university admission, but I was faced with a scholarship or a scholarship, but I could not pass the university admissions office. Waterloo (Canada), KAIST (South Korea), University of South Florida (USA), Waseda (Japan) and others can be shown as a example.

 Since 2013, I have been working on joint articles for international magazines with Professor of Ryerson University (M. J. Jaber) in Canada. With his recommendation, I decided to continue my PhD education in Germany. I met with DAAD, Germany's largest scholarship program. This program was a very competitive program for Phd education specifically. In the first place, you need to find a scientific guide, along with a joint research project, and the scientific leader should write a positive and agreeable opinion on the candidate. It was not easy for seven months, with my academic supervisor (Prof. Cristoph Glock), we worked on a scientific work, and then compiled a letter of agreement after agreeing with him. After all the formal procedures and interviews, I was finally awarded the DAAD program to continue my education at the Darmstadt Technical University for the 2018 academic year. I'm starting to study in the fall of this year as a PhD student in the "Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management" at the that university. "


At the end, Nailteacher shares a very valuable idea with us, writes:


 "From this 6-year marathon, I learned that the suffering will bring one day its crop, but you always have to make efforts and try alternative ways."

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