Foreign students from Azerbaijan universities visited Ganja

Foreign students from Azerbaijan universities visited Ganja
28 Mar 2018 10:58 | Visited: 105

  On March 6, Foreign students from Azerbaijan universities visited Ganja city within the framework of the program to travel to the regions of Azerbaijan.

The purpose of the visit organized by the Ministry of Education was to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan, the first independent and secular state of the Islamic world and to introduce foreign students to the history of the country. Two students from Baku Engineering University Chaquira Issufo from Mozambique and Indonesian Restu Hani have attended the event.

Firstly, they visited the important place where the flowers were deposited in memory of the former leader of the country. Then they visited the Government building with the help of guides and got acquainted with the ancient history of Ganja and its political and economic significance, cultural life of the country, as well as the statehood in Azerbaijan. They learned about Shikhlinski Aliaga Ismayil oglu, Mammad Amin Rasulzade, genius writer Nizami Ganjavi and other prominent figures who played a great role in fighting the freedom of the city and the country, and later became acquainted with many monuments and historical buildings.


The students very satisfied with the visit share their impressions with the Department of International Relations and Project Management of the University:

  “Overall, we all enjoyed the visit very much and considered the various sites and contents visited very trigging. They are really very interesting places with all kinds of information and subjects that we can ever imagine. With this visit, we were able to enjoy more the place as soon as we knew of all its richness and quality. The moment we all liked the most was the observation of the oldest documents and map of the country that they had in Government building as well as the learning of the phases by which the country needed to pass to reach the independence. In addition, we also liked to have known, Imamzadeh and Nizami Gencevi Mausoleum, Khan Bagy Park as well as the visit to the Azerbaijan State Agricultural University.”

They also share some of the pictures they have taken in the places they visit with us:

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Foreign students from Azerbaijan universities visited Gan...

On March 6, Foreign students from Azerbaijan universities visited Ganja city within the framework of the program read more »