Graduate student of Baku Engineering University is studying in Italy

Graduate student of Baku Engineering University is studying in Italy
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 Aysel Yusubzadeh, a master student at Baku Engineering University, studied at the L'Aquila University in Italy in September-March within the Erasmus + Ka1 Program. Aysel shares his impressions with us:

"First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the university I studied. You give us a chance and opportunity to get acquainted with many innovations at European universities. What I mean is the difference in the education system, as well as the European culture and life. Naturally, each of them consists of several innovations. For example, the education system means that lessons learned by a foreign language, foreign lecturers, the system is not over 00 rather than 30 points, realistic project work with groups during the session and semester, holding examinations three times a day, and so on.Yes it is difficult at first, but it creates a lot of positive emotions: you are free from complexes, you begin to use more foreign language, and you get new knowledge (programs, textbooks) ...

And all of these are indispensable for me.Erasmus did not just add to my student life, but also gained many friends! In many countries over the world, I have many friends who often met while we were there and talked to each other about our country, its culture, its cuisine and mentality. Thus, we have increased our world view.

Finally, one of the most beautiful aspects of Erasmus is that he has enough scholarships. By saving it, you can get the opportunity to see several countries! This is one of the most popular entertainment of the youth.

Thank you Erasmus!

Also, I would like to express my gratitude to Mrs. Gunel and Alisher Mammadov! "

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