“The University of the future: Digital cities, digital innovations and e-government”.

Dear Colleagues,

We have the pleasure to inform you that the University of L’Aquila is organizing the 1st International Staff Training Week  entitled “The University of the future: Digital cities, digital innovations and e-government”. 
This event aims at exploring the different aspects of the topic through presentations and will give the participants the opportunity to network and share their best practices with colleagues from European and non-European universities.
Furthermore, our guests will have the chance of visiting different departments and units: the Library system, the administrative offices, the technological transfer office, the international projects office, and the international relations office.
The programme of the Staff Training Week will be published on IMOTION website (http://staffmobility.eu/).

Hosting Higher Education Institution: Università degli Studi dell’Aquila
Institution website: www.univaq.it
Country: Italy
Language: English
Registration fee: The staff week is free of charge. Travel, accommodation and meals, should be covered by the participants. 
Dates:  27/05/2019-30/05/2019
Deadline for applying:  15/04/2019
Accommodation:  not provided
Maximum number of partecipants: 25
Contact details: IRO – email: uri@strutture.univaq.it

AGENDA (draft)
26/05/2019:     arrival of the participants
09h30 –10h00:  Registration
10h00 –10h30: Welcome Speech and opening of the University Staff Training Week
10h30–11h30: The International Strategy Policy UNIVAQ
11h30-11h45: break
11h45–12h30: International Relations at UNIVAQ
12h30-13h30: Introduction of each participant – 1st part
13h30 –14h30: lunch
14h30–16h30: Introduction of each participant – 2nd part 
09h00 –09h30: Registration
09h30 –11h00: “Digital cities and digital innovations”.
11h00-11h30: break
11h30-13h00: “E-government at UNIVAQ”
13h00-14h00: lunch 
14h00-15h00: L’Aquila: an interactive map
15h00–17h00:  Guided visit to the historic city center of L’Aquila
09h00 –09h30: Registration
09h30-11h00: Introduction to Italian language and culture – 1st part
11h00 –11h30: break
11h30-12h30: Introduction to Italian language and culture – 2nd part
12h30- 13h00: distribution of the certificates
Departure of participants or, for those who wish, this day can be tailored to your needs.
For example, we can organise a visit to our University or selective departments of your choice or offer job shadowing opportunities. 
Please complete the registration form and resend it to "uri@strutture.univaq.it". 
Accepted candidates will be informed by a separate e-mail.

The deadline for applying has been set on April, 14th 2019.

Thank you for your interest and kind regards
Alessandra Imperatori