Baku Engineering University operates in a big Campus located in Khirdalan city. The new service building where all the classrooms are situated has a 10500 m2 indoor area. The total area of the Campus is 200000 m2. Baku Engineering University was established on November 8, 2016.

   Baku Engineering University is one of the best higher education institutions functions under the Ministry of Education. Baku Engineering University prepares engineers on all levels of higher education, execute programs of higher and additional education in this sphere, and conduct fundamental and applied science researchers.

   The establishment of the University aims to improve the teaching of engineering technologies and prepare highly-qualified personnel for the industry. According to the current level of development of the Azerbaijani economy, the university aims to prepare experts with the ability to work with innovative technologies and organize production processes.




International partners:                  100


Total Number of Students:         4076


International students:                  207


Incoming exchange students:           1


Outgoing exchange students:         20


Courses in English:                    1000


Programmes in English:                 21

















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