First Latin American Film Festival is about to be inaugurated in Baku


Dear all,



On behalf of the Latin-American Embassy based in Azerbaijan, the Embassy of Mexico has the honor to invite you to the First Latin American Film Festival, which will take place on April 16-19, 2018 in Baku


In order to spread the culture and traditions of Latin America, the Diplomatic Representations of Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Peru and Mexico with the valuable collaboration of the University of Languages of Azerbaijan, the Landmark Hotel and Park Cinema Flame Towers will exhibit seven films, through which the Azerbaijani public will be able to get closer and learn more about the culture, modes of life and traditions of each of the participating countries.


Latin America has a rich cultural heritage as a result of a long process of absorbing new customs and traditions, which is reflected both in its cultural and gastronomic diversity, as well as in its historical and linguistic richness, using as main tools of expression and diffusion,  Spanish and Portuguese. 


The aforementioned Embassies invite the public to enjoy the First Festival of Latin American Cinema in Azerbaijan to learn more about our culture and history, and to discover another way of seeing life through the lens of film. The entrance to the screening is free of charge and the films are in Spanish and Portuguese (Brazilian) with English subtitles.