Huawei is organizing a event called Seeds for future-2018

Dear Students!

Huawei  is organizing the “Seeds for future-2018” event which is supported by the Azerbaijani office of the company and the Ministry of Education, If you want to become a participant of the project, you can be one of the 10 students selected from different universities of Azerbaijan!
Requirements for becoming a Project Participant:
 Have a national passport;
∎ Huawei should be a registered student in ICT-related or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) related to business interests;
 must have second and higher course students;
 The age limit should be below 30 when selecting;
 Have excellent academic competence;
 have great interests in communication and technology;
 Speak English fluently;
 Have some information about Mandarin (official language) and have interests in it;
● Have a positive attitude to Chinese culture.
Selected students will be sent to Beijing and Shenzhen, China from 03 to 14 December of the current year to study and research the latest developments in information technology. At the same time, while conducting these studies, they will not only understand the latest developments in the field of information and communication, such as mobile internet and cloud computing, as well as the traditional culture of China, such as calligraphy and painting.
For the sake of information, Seeds for Future is Huawei's global CSR project, the largest investment in the world, and will continue to invest in CSR activities for a long time. The project was initiated by Huawei in 2018 to promote local ICT capabilities, enhance data transmission, promote understanding of people and increase interest in ICT industry, and promote participation of countries and regions in the creation of digital unions.

The selection process includes:

∎ Injilis written in the language that demonstrates students' views or interests regarding the ICT industry, their conformity with the program and the country's ICT industry development (Motivation Letter)

 A 2-minute video in English that features self-suggestion and ICT thoughts. Successful students can access the appropriate content at their email address:

Last date 01 November.