• International students who would like to study at Baku Engineering University have to get a relevant visa - a single entry visa for scientific and educational purposes for students (except for the citizens of the countries applying a visa-free-regime http://www.mfa.gov.az/en/content/74/visa-free-countries with Azerbaijan from the Azerbaijani Embassy accredited in their countries). In order to begin your education at Baku Engineering University we would recommend you to start visa application procedures as soon as possible.  Applicants can obtain a visa through Azerbaijan Embassies in their country or through ASAN VISA. For specific visa procedures and documents checklist please contact the Azerbaijani Embassy in your country. We will provide you with the admission letter and assistance for applying for a visa.
  • The citizens of some countries may also get an electronic visa via the “ASAN Visa” system (see list of eligible countries: https://evisa.gov.az/en/countries). The electronic visa is issued within 3 (three) working days and determines the duration of stay in the country up to 30 days. The visa fee for an electronic visa is 20 USD (excluding service fee). Despite non-working days and holidays, urgent visa issuing opportunity within 3 hours through “ASAN Visa” system had been also created. In order to get detailed information, please visit www.evisa.gov.az
  • A validity period of a passport or other travel document should exceed a validity period of an expected visa at least by 3 months.
  • For the most current visa information, please visit: http://www.mfa.gov.az/en/content/32/visa







  • The rights and obligations of foreigners and stateless persons on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan are defined by the Migration Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan. According to Article 76.3 of the Migration Code, foreigners and stateless persons on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan must adhere to the declared purposes of arrival in the country.
  • Upon arrival to Azerbaijan, you must register at the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan within 15 days. Otherwise, you will be fined accordingly:                                                                   https://www.migration.gov.az/home/calculator
  • International students are required to get a temporary residence permit from the State Migration Service at least one month before the expiration of their visa (the fee goes up as the days go by). Upon successful completion of the specific academic year, the duration of your residence permit will be extended for another one year. The temporary residence permit allows you to enter/exit the borders of Azerbaijan for the permit specified duration period without the necessity of a visa. We will be happy to assist you in this regard.
  • Our institution has an employee who will assist in this matter and submit all the necessary documentation.
  • For the most current migration information for foreigners, please visit:                          https://www.migration.gov.az/home/booklet



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